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New Profile Posts

  1. my imagination
    my imagination delator77
    Um I wish you a happy birthday! Another great year of life is coming up, I see.
    1. EL797 and delator77 like this.
    2. delator77
      Thank you very much my friend!
      Jul 12, 2024 at 2:35 PM
      my imagination likes this.
  2. Pedro Andrade
    Pedro Andrade
    "Hoje será melhor que ontem! Esse deve ser seu pensamento. Acredite, confie, e sua vida será cada vez melhor"
  3. Kureigeous68
    Thinking about a sequel of some of my abandoned levels.
  4. Logo
    I accidentally deleted my hard work :(
    1. EL797 likes this.
    2. EL797
      Mekorama should have an account saving feature... Usually, when I'm building a 'big' level, I will take a screenshot of that card at regular times to save progress :)
      Jun 29, 2024
      my imagination and Logo like this.
    3. Logo
      @EL797 I was in a hurry and I wanted to duplicate the level but my big thumb tapped the Delete button instead and I tapped Yes without reading the confirmation message, so yeah I kinda hated that the Duplicate and Delete buttons are next to each other, but also it was kinda my fault.
      Jun 29, 2024
      EL797 likes this.
    4. EL797
      @Logo Wait there is a duplicate option? I didn't know that till now lol

      P.S. I've come across that icon but have never investigated what it does
      Jun 29, 2024
      Logo likes this.
  5. lehuykhoi2612
    lehuykhoi2612 Martin Magni
    and im serious that this is not beta, it's official
  6. lehuykhoi2612
    lehuykhoi2612 Martin Magni
    login to account feature is required for 5 star back
  7. lehuykhoi2612
    lehuykhoi2612 Martin Magni
    i rate the game 1 star for no login to account feature and i keep losing data
    1. my imagination
      my imagination
      Martin won’t care.
      Jul 12, 2024 at 2:43 PM
  8. M32
    M32 jana
    wow i alos 2 followers to
    1. jana likes this.
  9. Garlic
    EL797 please don’t expose me jk
    1. EL797 likes this.
  10. Garlic
    Oh wait, I’m not an alien.
  11. Garlic
    Garlic MekoramB
    And maybe a third.
  12. Garlic
    Garlic MekoramB
    Two people with non standard blocks. Really.
    1. MekoramB likes this.
    2. EL797
      You guys all have sus blocks :smirk:
      Jun 4, 2024
      Garlic likes this.
    3. EL797
      @Garlic I'm still waiting for his level 'SUS block' to be published in the levels section lol
      Jun 13, 2024
      Garlic and MekoramB like this.
  13. M32
    M32 Adiorama
    m32 left
  14. M32
    M32 Blue Tower
    blue tower i wonder what is your next level
  15. Logo
  16. hadi
    Hello to my dear friend, asier delatore, as japanese said: 私はあなたがいなくて寂しいです
    1. EL797 likes this.
    2. EL797
      Hey nice to see you back!
      May 6, 2024
      hadi likes this.
  17. Logo
    Building a "Control Room" sequel.
    1. Valentin likes this.
  18. Bryan Fran
    Bryan Fran
  19. ntsaplay
    ntsaplay P_simorf
    What is Mekostudio?
    1. EL797
  20. AreaRankDragon
    Believe it or not I'm still stuck in a loop of exams and that will be the case for at least the next 2-3 months